Discover YOU RADIO's Discussions Podcast Episode #2 With Special Guests Toy Dynamite 

Click on the photo to visit Toy Dynamite's artist page.


Toy Dynamite has a sound that ranges from alt country to indie folk, art pop to shoe gaze and the blues, they never quite know what you're going to get. Their debut EP, "Sour Sugar," was released in 2022 and is a perfect example of their eclectic style.

It was the night of January 20th 2022 and I was tired, I was on my Tik Tok live feed about to close out and in comes Shawn Connors out of curiosity seeing that I was live, he decided to check out it out. Now before that Shawn had seen one of my Tik Tok videos on his For You page which pretty much was the video that put me on the Tik Tok map. Click on the photo above to visit Toy Dynamites Artist page. 

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