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Dear Discover YOU RADIO Supporter, 

We warmly invite you to go participate in our Artist Support Donation Section at the bottom of this page called Funds 4 Artists, an initiative designed to empower unsigned and independent artists from all corners of the globe. Our mission is to provide these incredible talents with the necessary resources to help them flourish and share their unique sounds with the world. 

Your generous donation enables Discover YOU RADIO to purchase their music on iTunes and create free promotions of these deserving artists. Your financial support helps to provide assistance for their promotional efforts. By contributing to this cause, you play an integral role in giving these musicians the platform they need to expand their reach and inspire countless listeners worldwide. 

All revenue generated from the Artist Support Donation Section goes strictly into an account designated for artist support, ensuring that your donation is solely utilized for this worthwhile cause. 

Join us in amplifying the voices of these remarkable artists and let's work together to provide them with the support they need to thrive in the music industry. Your generosity can make a real difference to the lives of these gifted musicians and enrich our musical landscape. 

Thank you for considering to support independent and unsigned artists. We greatly appreciate your dedication to nurturing emerging talent and helping them share their art with the world. 


The Discover YOU RADIO Team


Funds 4 Artists

Our mission is to provide free promotional services to unsigned and independent artists. We strive to help them get their music heard around the world through radio and other social media platforms. Donations will help fund social media paid for campaigns for new song releases, press releases, certificates of airplay and more!

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