Discover YOU RADIO's Podcast Discussions | Episode 14 with Special Guest Ross Gipson 


I met Ross Gipson through one of Sunny and the Blackpack’s live shows on October 13th, 2022. That night Sunny had so many amazing guests on and it was just a really cool segment. One of the guests was Ross Gipson. Ross performed on Sunny’s show that night and all I can say is that I was blown away. His performance was pitch perfect! He wrote a simple song that made the whole room quiet and pay attention. That my friends is a performer! I can guarantee that if Ross were to play live at a venue that the audience would not talk through his performance.  But I have to say is that I feel a little embarrassed because I stated I would buy Ross’s music off of i-Tunes and play it on my show, then Sunny was kind enough to announce it. Low and BEHOLD. I go to i-tunes and find that I had already purchased Ross’s Song called Picture On Your page on October 3rd.  Turns out that Ross had already submitted his song to may station and I sent him an approval letter. So my lame ass made a Tik Tok video with a lame ass excuse of how I deal with hundreds of submissions. LOL!!

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