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Discover YOU RADIO LLC is much more than an internet radio station. Owner and operator Will Stenner spends many hours researching techniques and strategies due to the constant changes in guidelines and policies that keep disrupting the successes in social media platforms. Online education is key to advancing in this career field. There are several online courses that can be taken which are very reasonable and they teach the current strategies to help you gain more emails, connections and financial stability. I highly recommend Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson which is free. All you pay for is a small shipping fee. 

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The 15 day business builder challenge is by far one of the most affordable and valuable courses out there

One of the best courses that I took that helped me skyrocket my online presence is called The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge through Legendary Marketer. Enrollment for this course is only $7.00 and it teaches you online marketing strategies through a 15 day course. You even get an business plan advisor at no extra cost. This course has helped learn marketing techniques that are helping my online business and music career. The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge has been developed by multi millionaire David Sharpe, who has taken went from being completely broke to learning these strategies that are now being taught in this course. 

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We Pay For Your Music Before We Play Your Music

We Pay For Your Music Before We Play Your Music

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We will then screen your music and once we have finished screening your submission, we will move you to #2 if approved.  

#2 we put you into regular rotation on our radio show

If we like what we hear, we will go to your website or any other platform that sells your music and purchase the song that we will be playing. Most songs are sold for an average $1.29 so that is what we'll pay. What ever you hear on our broadcast has been paid for. EVERY SINGLE SONG! Not one song will be played unless it has been paid for.