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Discover YOU RADIO creates artist fact videos for artists to share a brief history with your fans. Most fans are interested in how an artist emerged or how a song was written. Artist fact videos will showcase your awards and accomplishments throughout your career or even if you are just getting started. We'll send you a copy to upload to your own social media platforms as well as showcasing your video on our website and social media platforms as well. These videos are fun to watch and share with Family, Friends and fans. This $25.00 Deal does not come with Stock Video Footage or Stock Photos. We can animate or add your photos to stock footage for additional fee's. For this video send up to 25 of your own promotional photos to use for your video.

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We also will animate your logo for just $5.00

Get Your Band Logo Animated with an animated logo promo stinger

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Please upload one song and up to  25 promotional pictures. 

For an additional $5.00 we can add 10 professional licensed stock photos to enhance the visual of your video. 

Want licensed Stock Footage with your logo animated in it? Add an additional $10.00 for five different stock video footage scenes.

Want to bundle up Stock footage and stock photos together? We'll cut you a break and create your fact video for $35.00 

Add 10 Stock Photos
  • Add 10 Stock Photos
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Please note: All photos will be chosen according to the content provided in your music. All stock photos are purchased at a royalty free value and are a non exclusive license.

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