Get Your Music Onto our Live shows and podcasts

#1 Submit Your Music

We will then screen your music and once we have finished screening your submission, we will move you to #2 if approved.  

#2 we put you onto our live radio show & podcasts

If we like what we hear, we will go to your website or any other platform that sells your music and purchase the song that we will be playing. Most songs are sold for an average $1.29 so that is what we'll pay. What ever you hear on any of our shows whether it's our "Pizza 4 Breakfast" show or our "Get Your Foot in the Door" Podcast; not one song will be played unless it has been paid for. 

Where to send submissions

If you would like to get your music into regular rotation we would love to review and screen your music! Please send an mp3 and a promo photo to to get started on our station. We will screen your music and then notify you of the outcome. If we play it, that means we paid for it. 

Please send complete physical press packages to:
Discover YOU RADIO
P.O. Box 270954
Fort Collins, Co 80527 


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