You have to go through one thousand No's to get one Yes. ”

Why Press Releases?

The statement above is on point and can be referenced to perseverance.  One of the best ways to get the thousand No's out of the way is through a Press Release and not just one Press Release but staying consistent with them.  Press Releases are typical but very important into keeping your name rolling across the desks of those who will pick up your best interests.   Even if you're going to play a small gig at a local bowling alley, circulating press around the event will definitely get fans to line up at the door. If you pack out the place, people are going to talk about it and most likely you'll be asked to play the venue again. 

If you're releasing an album or a single and are looking to get radio play. One of the best ways to send a press release is through email and through thousands of them. But there is an issue if you're going to try and reach out to get your song played without representation. If you are sending your material without representation that is called unsolicited material. Unsolicited material usually get's thrown to the trash. In dealing with professional agencies, they expect to see some type of representation which means you need a professional agency to solicit your brand. Unfortunately, in this business, there are excellent artists who get dismissed simply because they tried to contact a music director or program manager themselves.   Utilizing a press release through Discover YOU RADIO allows you to have proper representation by letting us solicit your material for you. 

Press Release with Distribution
  • Press Release with Distribution
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We will write you a professional Press Release and distribute it to the appropriate agencies for your promotion. We have over 180,000 emails in our database and will promote your Press Release Appropriately. We will also do the local research to deliver your Press Release that is specific to the vicinity that you would like targeted.

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Press Release Dated April 25th, 2020

Press Release Dated April 25th, 2020

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