A brief bio of my work professions

Professions not in particular order

I'm that person who is full of stories and experiences due to the fact that I am a firm believer in not discrediting ideas until you have at least gave them a try. I have worked many professional fields from picking up cigarette butts (The Nastiest Job Ever), decontaminator at a nuclear plant. I was a dishwasher and moved up to a cook all the while going to medical school. I became an EEG Tech and phlebotomist. I ran front and back office at two separate urgent cares. I was an auto detailer and hard laborer at  a cement plant. I ran a mill that produced bentonite, I wrote songs for musicians and crated a few of my own. I am a seasoned service consultant in the automotive industry. I have  been a film and audio editor plus a camera man on several projects. I was born and raised in Whittier, California to Colton, Ca & Victorville California. I am a self taught musician and have been able to work with legendary studio musicians which is a dream for many. Let's just say I'm sort of like Jack from the movie the Titanic. Sleeping under a bridge one night and then having breakfast with Emmitt Smith and top executives and producers for a Super Bowl Commercial that I got to star in the next. So I guess that qualifies me as a story teller and believe me there are many stories. On this page is a collection of works that I have been involved with. 

Samples of projects i worked on