Pizza for Breakfast Broadcast to Podcast April 29th 2020  

In this episode I talk about a connection with Tom Petty. The bands that are in this podcast are:

1. Th HU Featuring Jacoby Shaddix - Wolf Totem
2. Red Iris - Under Cover of NIght
3. Guilt Filter - Entropy
4. Rolling Stone - Beast of Burden
5. Johnny Neel - Why Do My Baby Treat Me Right
6. Curtis Mosley - Lets Just Ride
Sponsorship - A little story about Tom Petty and his song (The Last DJ)
7. Tom Petty - The Last DJ
8.Collective Soul - December
9. Chris Comet and The Tribe - Here Comes The Sun Again
10. Remus Tucker Band - Come On
11. DML Conspiracy - Butterfly Tattoo
12. Maddy - Against My Will


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