Enough with the details! Just get to the point!”

One Sheets are Essential to getting known

One sheets are vital "To The Point" Promotional tools, especially if you are a new up and coming artist. The professionals in this industry are inundated with people wanting to get their music into the right hands. One thing that these professionals don't have much of is time. This is where One Sheets are essential in getting your name across the desks of individuals who may be the ones to discover your genuine talent. One sheets showcase who you are and what your goal is. They house a short Bio and also a small list of your biggest accomplishments. Don't worry, you don't have to name them all, just a few of the best ones. You want to make sure that you provide accurate contact information. Just imagine if you were called to be part of a Super Bowl Commercial?  Look it really happens. It happened to me and if you do things right you can land dream come true accomplishments too. 

One Sheet Example

Playing the Newest of the Newest Artists! Exclusively! At Discover YOU RADIO.”