Please send your music to to get airplay. We do not play your music unless we have bought your music off of you.”
If you are an artist and you are here for the first time and want to submit your music for airplay, you are on the right page.”

Did you know that Discover YOU RADIO will buy your music from you before we play it? How often do you find yourself giving your music to stations for airplay? How often do you find yourself paying stations to get radio play? Discover YOU RADIO will not play your song unless we have paid for it. Another thing that Discover YOU RADIO has is our "Get Your Foot in the Door" Podcast. This is a Podcast that gives everyone who submits music to us a fair chance to be played. We ask that you do not submit anything that is of explicit nature.  

Playing the Newest of the Newest Artists! Exclusively! At Discover YOU RADIO.”