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Hey There! What's up TikTok fam! It's Will Stenner here with some massive news! Get ready to discover your next favorite artist on Discover YOU RADIO! We're going LIVE on TikTok every Monday through Friday from 8pm to 10pm Mountain Time. Here's the deal - we're buying music from unsigned and independent artists and playing it LIVE on air as YOU make requests during the stream in the comment section. This is your chance to put the spotlight on those hidden gems and vibe with a community of those music lovers who love music that hasn't been heard by the masses yet! Mark your calendars and set those reminders! Trust me, you won't wanna miss these livestreams - we're about to shake up the music scene together! Drop your request in the comments and if you're hyped tag your friends who need to tune in! Let's get this party started! Please make sure all songs are non explicit and radio friendly, Discover YOU RADIO is Rated E for Everyone not E for explicit. #DiscoverYOURADIO #unsignedartists #indieartists #musicdiscovery #livestream

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