Tik Tok Independent Artists Playlist 1

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Discover YOU RADIO, P.O. Box 270954 , Fort Collins, Co 80527

1.With Bravado - Catacomb 2. Zen2Muz - Pride 3. Wet Leg - Chase Lounge 4. The Watchers - I Am The Dark 5. Ugly Smile - Cable TV 6. Souls Worn Thin - Swarm 7. Young Ashline - Down Time 8. Still In The Fight - Pandemic 9. Shades of Teal - Locked In My House 10. Snow Days - Everything's OK 11. Durry - Who's Laughing Now 12. Juniper Lights - Cooler Heads 13. Toasted2022 - Birds Are Government Spies 14. Smashville 730 - Ride With ME 15. Mad/No/Mad I wanna Be Sedated

Discover YOU RADIO LLC Broadcasts out of Fort Collins Colorado and is dedicated to helping build a better community. We believe in Being Good To People and doing our part to make someone else's day a better one. The recent pandemic has brought on a lot of closures to family owned businesses after being in business for many years of operation. We do our best to support local shops and family owned businesses as much as we can. We are also dedicated to helping those who have become part of the homeless community by reaching out to the reachable and encouraging them to find the confidence to get back on their feet again. Hope is inevitable. Especially for those who have made a solid decision to change their life for the better. Know your worth and value. Discover yourself and make that change.