Does Affiliate marketing work?

Welcome to my blog "Does Affiliate Marketing Work?" On 11-24-20 while scrolling through TikTok I noticed that I was beginning to get inundated with affiliate marketing videos and it got me thinking and motivated. Back in 2014, I ran into an app called Periscope through Twitter and that was the first time I ever heard about affiliate marketing through a guy named Chris Record. I did Shopify research, Facebook, and google ad research but I never applied any of it until now.  Currently, I am in debt. My credit cards are maxed out and I owe thousands in taxes. I know that this is going to require a lot of hard work and the good news is that I have a reputation for being a hard worker.  I truly hope that what I am doing here can help another person who is looking for solutions along the way.  The adventure is definitely not a selfish one but one that I hope creates a positive outlook on what is to come for myself and many others. It was 11-25-20 that I decided to give it a shot and within 20 minutes I became an Amazon affiliate and now it's time for me to work on each stream of passive income at a time. I will be posting results and I will also be podcasting this brand new adventure. If you click on the TikTok icon, it will take you to my Tik Tok page where you can Follow, Like, Comment, and share my content. I will also do the same for you. If you are an affiliate marketer I am interested in having discussions on my live radio show and podcast with you. I will allow you to plug yourself and products and will also post any of your affiliate links into the blog that coincides with the podcast. If you are interested Click Here so we can schedule the date and time. 


Will Stenner

the podcast

Affiliate Marketing Podcast Episode 6  


Learning the art of Copywriting and creating content

Wow! Today is December 22nd, 2020 and I must say that I am learning so much through the 15 Day Legendary Marketers Challenge. I am also learning a lot about copyrighting and effective funnel building through Click Funnels. Please have a listen to my short podcast and click on the picture below to start your 15-day challenge with Legendary Marketer.  


Affiliate Marketing Podcast Episode 4  

Yes! Affiliate marketing does work! In this podcast, I do give a little rant about the music business because it's a desperate business. What I have done is change who I am connecting with. I have decided to build friendships with successful people and when I say successful I mean millionaires and billionaires and you know what? They respect that. They know that I am not looking for a handout, a discount or to ride their coattails. They know that I am just like them. A person looking for success and to have an accomplished life. When you understand these things they begin to work in your favor. Please enjoy this episode. 

Affiliate Marketing Podcast Episode 1  

Here it is! The first stages of me beginning this affiliate marketing trend. I have been reading and watching so many success stories and they have me motivated. One reason I am motivated is that I know it requires hard work and there are so many who say so. 

I started off with Amazon and have been posting ad links here on my website. One thing that I am finding is that my pages are a bit scattered so little by little I am cleaning them up so they are direct and to the point. I really want the products and services that people need to stand out. I know this seems a bit transparent but I want people to watch along the way, offer constructive criticism, and learn with me as this grows.