Discover YOU RADIO's Discussions Podcast Episode #5 With Comedian Keith Lyle 

Keith Lyle was born and raised on the mean streets of Chicago. Well... It was the suburbs, but it was still tough. His house was filled with the loud, loving tirades of his family. Having been immersed in a 2 parent home, the yelling never stopped. Because of this, he had a difficult time fitting in at school. 

Realizing that making people laugh is truly a gift that keeps on giving, Keith began to develop his strong sense of humor. 

Keith's quick wit and topical material take you from the front page to inside his head, and the depth of his family's dysfunctions. 

He has been in several commercials and TV shows, and films. His biggest role to date was having 4 lines in the blockbuster movie "The Hangover". He may have had more screen time as a dead body on CSI, but hey- it's 4 lines in a better movie than Tom Hanks made that year. He also has roles in the upcoming releases "Holding Lucid" directed by John Bizarre and "A Tribute to Fluffy" directed by Micah Cyrus. 

Keith was honored to be selected as the feature act for headliner Don Barnhart. In the summer of 2012, Keith made his 1st trip overseas to entertain the troops in Kuwait. In 2013, he went to Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Jordan, Spain, Portugal and Greece on 2 separate trips in the "Don Barnhart All Star Comedy Tour" for Armed Forces Entertainment. He went overseas again in October 2014 & August of 2016. Keith is one of the House Emcees at Jokesters Comedy Club and a regular performer at Delirious Comedy Club, both in Las Vegas. 

He has also hosted a week each for the popular websites Tweet the Joke and Dear Comic and had the most online votes in the Improv's "Up Yours Contest in 2012. Keith is active on social media with over 85,000 Twitter followers, and countless friends on Facebook, Instagram and Google +. He is proud to have his social media feed is featured on the exclusive website

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