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submitting your music for airplay

discover you radios promotional profiles and how they work

The Free Promotional Profile

Available to all artists

Discover YOU RADIO creates a free promotional page for every artist that we have put into our radio broadcaster. The free page includes a picture of the album cover and a short story about the day we added the artist into our broadcaster.

The Five Dollar Promotional Profile

Good for one year

Discover YOU RADIO's five dollar profile is an upgrade from the free profile where we add your social media links and encourage listeners to follow and support you. 

The Fifteen Dollar Promotional Profile Page

Good for one year

Discover YOU RADIO's Fifteen dollar promotional profile page is an upgrade from the five dollar promotional page which will include 5 additional band or artist photos and a visualization video of the song you submitted embedded on your page via Youtube. We will also send you a copy of the video to use how ever you want.  

other stations, blogs and e-zines


##music ##collegeradio ##blogs ##fyp If you want to submit to other stations and blogs. Try MusicSUBMIT.

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If you would like your music submitted to other radio stations, blogs, e-zines and more. I recommend using MusicSUBMIT.  They are responsible for getting thousands of bands, singer songwriters and musicians many opportunities.  Watch the Tik Tok video for an easy walk through on how to get started.

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