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Discover YOU RADIO LLC is always looking for artists to add to our station, Serious inquiries only.” - Who will be the next big thing?


With Discover YOU RADIO it is now easy to submit your music for airplay! The requirement is that your music must be available for purchase on i-Tunes and non explicit.  To the right is a form to fill out for your submission. Discover YOU RADIO has purchased over 2,200 songs from i-Tunes by various artists of many different genres. 


What is a certificate of airplay?

A Certificate of Airplay is created to showcase the exact Date and Time your song has been added into Discover YOU RADIO's data base. We create these to give artists memorabilia to have as a piece of their history. Not only do we add the Date and Time but we add in the visual sound print of your song. These cannot be purchased by the public and are available strictly to the artists who opt in to purchase them. 


What is
Discover YOU RADIO's Discussions?

Discussions is our podcast where we have guests like you come on and we talk about random subjects. Discussions is not your ordinary interview. I don't do much research because I want to learn about you as we sit and talk about stuff live on the air. The segment will be recorded so I can then edit it into a podcast that goes out to I-Heart radio, Spotify and i-Tunes. I may know a thing or two about you if I'm already a fan but you really won't hear me asking questions about your influences or favorite icons or how you got started. I won't ask what inspires you or any common mundane typical question. I prefer to share experiences as they unfold without any pre planning. 

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